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Dog Poo Cleanup in Milford, Mass

Residential Homes in Milford

Most of our clients have us pick up their dog poop at their residential houses in Milford, MA. It doesn't matter how big or small your house and yard are. We don't price cleaning services for residential homes based on their property size. We price all of our cleaning services based on how many dogs you have and how often the cleaning is done.

Poop Scoop Massachusetts is the #1 company for dog poop pick-up in Milford. Also, your dogs will fall in love with the employee that is serving your area. We will walk up and down all of your property to make sure every piece is picked up. We spend much more time on the grass areas since those are usually the most filled with dog poo.

Commercial & Businesses in Milford

There are many businesses in the city that have lots of grassy areas. There are also many types of commercial services that would need our service. Apartment complexes, condos, churches, HOAs, and trailer homes are just a handful of commercial and business properties that we service. If you have a lot of grass and a high-traffic area, chances are you get a good amount of dog poop and are in need of a cleanup every so often. We offer one-time cleanups and various options for recurring cleanups to make sure your business stays top-quality and poop-free.

Parks & Dog Events in Milford

We love when companies contact us about some type of park or dog event that will be happening in the city. We can always do one-time cleaning services to make sure all the dog poop is cleaned up after an event. There have also been cities that have contacted us for our services at parks and other public places to make sure everything is always cleaned up after use by dogs.

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